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Shanghai Minghao Network Technology Co., Ltd

Dimensional online mall is a big broken traditional commercial real estate model, to provide three-dimensional virtual network mall, the real reality of the real estate to restore the scene to realistic scenes, three-dimensional vision, immersive feelings, mall brings together the world's leading brand sales, For consumers to bring more different online shopping experience, the reality of the real network "shopping", so that users can easily see the most realistic target scene.

Ming Hao three-dimensional online mall first edition, will be built on the Internet 5 layer of 30,000 square meters of "network home improvement building materials BtoC platform", to recruit lighting, ceramics, wood, kitchen, paint, furniture and other businessmen and home improvement designers (design company ), Decoration and decoration company 1000 settled in the mall, consumers can get a real scene through the network experience, one-stop solution to the renovation program, decoration supplies transactions, logistics and distribution.

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