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Shanghai Minghao Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. is a real estate development enterprise engaged in commercial real estate development and professional market operation and management. It focuses on the development and management of large-scale professional market and three-dimensional online mall. The company is headquartered in Shanghai financial center - Lujiazui.

The Group's main companies include: Hong Kong Central Star Resources Limited, Shanghai Yingjia Metal Materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xiongjin Ceramics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guanghua Instrument Factory Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yi Buy Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Rongjin Shoes Co., Ltd. , Jiangxi Shangrao Brilliance Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Rongjin Guarantee Co., Ltd., Tongxiang Minghao Investment and Development Co., Ltd., Tongxiang Yingjia Management Co., Ltd., Wuzhen Investment Management Co., Ltd.

The company has a mature commercial real estate projects include: Shanghai Guanghua Instrument Factory Co., Ltd., Shanghai Rongjin Garment & Footwear Co., Ltd., Tongxiang Minghao second-hand car trading and accessories market, Shanghai Baijin Han Gong old apartment, Jiangxi Shangrao Goose Lake Mall, total About 2 million square meters of mature property.

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